Meet the voices from Nowhere

We are the voices from Nowhere. Nowhere is an obvious double entendre. It is the chunk of California that our team hails from and the podcast that came straight out of Nowhere. The mind behind our madness, Joshua Gilmore was chatting up movies and his passion of pop culture with life long friend and fellow pop culture junkie, Philip Morgan when, during one of their marathon discussions, Joshua thought that a microphone should join in the mix. Phil responded simply, “Why Not?” Thus, Nowhere California was born… and it was good. Nowhere California is a nerdy and off-color love letter to pop culture. Here, as well as the podcast, we will dissect various aspects of the entertainment world and give our very unique spin on it.

We figured it was only fair, if you have to listen to us, you might as well know a little about the guys whose voices you can’t get out of your heads even with medication.


Joshua Gilmore is the brains behind this rag-tag operation we call Nowhere California. A self-proclaimed “mild-alcoholic”, Joshua sought out the help of his lifelong friend and pop culture savant Philip Morgan in creating Nowhere California. What started as two guys talking into a microphone named Snowball, evolved into the streamlined experience that works it’s way into your ears like Bill Cosby working a cappuccino machine. Joshua is our magic-man behind the scenes and is responsible for all of our editing, promo material, and the guy deep in the muddy trenches (Mind out of the gutter!) fighting the good fight to get us into the convention scene.

Besides romantic walks on the beach, a borderline stalker relationship with Christopher Titus, and a prosthetic left testicle, here are some interesting facts about Joshua Gilmore:

Favorite Movie: The Great Dictator (Chaplin’s finest work!)
Favorite Drink: A free one followed by a Surfer on Acid
Favorite Power Ranger: The Tartan Ranger.. The underrated Scottish Ranger
Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon: Garfield and Friends
Favorite Movie Quote: “You even look in her direction, and I’ll show you that I have some hard spots…That came out wrong. Or did it?” Deadpool 2016
Favorite Con Moment: This is very hard. If this is not at gunpoint, I’ll say it’s a tie between meeting the people behind “Queen Gorya” and “Oh,Hell..” I’ve love meeting the independently creative minds at conventions.
Joshua’s WTF Movie Moment: Another freaking tie. I would have to pick the behind the scenes stories behind the making of “Escape From Tomorrow” and the child mind screw that was the boat ride in “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory”


Philip Morgan is the Chewbacca to Joshua’s Han Solo. The Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde of the Nowhere family, you never know if you are going to get an ‘F’ Bomb or a very clean “Coitus” from Philip (Although you can almost make a drinking game out of how many times Philip will attack Joshua during an episode). Philip is a very experienced stage and extra actor and it is his second love behind Ghostbusters. Philip is a veritable database when it comes to all things pop culture. You might remember a video game from the 80’s but Philip will remember (and sing for you) the music that was played on level 3-2 of said game. Don’t test his knowledge or Philip will drop you faster than Soda Popinski in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! (Philip asked us to remind everyone that he was Vodka Drunkinski in the arcade version…)

For those brave enough to delve into psyche of a really really nice guy, here’s some fun facts about Philip Morgan:

Favorite Movie: Ghostbusters…duh
Favorite Drink: Ghostbusters Ecto-Cooler (he has a specially sealed fridge stocked full from the 80’s!) Coke is a close second though.
Favorite Power Ranger: Blue but admits he had a mad crush on the Pink Ranger!
Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon: The Real Ghostbusters (sensing a pattern here?)
Favorite Movie Quote: “We came, we saw, we kicked it’s ass!!”
Favorite Con Moment: Meeting and interviewing the great Rob Paulsen
Philip’s WTF Movie Moment: Little Mermaid – Seeing the preacher with a hard-on!


Doug Porter gives you the ‘D’ in our MOD or Moment Of Doug. Before Doug got all cool and hip and decided to move to L.A., he was a regular member of Nowhere California (and what a member!! *rimshot*). Doug isn’t new to the podcasting scene having worked on several others, but it wasn’t until we got him on the mic at Nowhere and told him to “say whatever he liked” that we found out how vulgar a human being can be. Doug is a graduate of the L.A. Film School and has had the distinct pleasure of shooting Joshua in the face…for his thesis project. Doug, as well as his lovely and equally talented wife Monique, have been a staple on Nowhere California for years which is why we couldn’t let a long distance relationship keep us from getting his goods.

Step back ladies, he’s taken but here are some fun facts about Doug:

Favorite Movie: Disney’s Frozen…yeah really.
Favorite Drink: Jameson
Favorite Power Ranger: Billy the Blue Ranger because he was a nerd who kicked ass!
Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon: Captain Planet…again…really.
Favorite Movie Quote: “Khaaaaaaaaaaan!!” -Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan
Favorite Con Moment: Meeting the late, great, and enchanting, Yvonne Craig
Doug’s WTF Movie Moment: Jigsaw being alive at the end of Saw 1 (SPOILERS!!)


Nicholas Dye is the newest addition to Nowhere California and is ironically the oldest…by a lot….seriously. His life basically plays out like ANY episode of The Goldbergs (yes he dressed as “Lazer Tag” for Halloween once!) Nicholas is also an avid stage actor which is why he and Philip believe they are better than Joshua (though both will crap a brick if asked to do any editing). A sad soul to be sure, you can spot Nicholas on the podcast when he uses phrases like “I remember when…” and “It used to be…” and the ever annoying “Back in my day…” Got way too excited when he found out that Vanilla Ice, Biz Markie, and Salt n Pepa were touring together.

Here’s a few tidbits of fun facts about Nicholas “The Geezer” Dye:

Favorite Movie:The Goonies
Favorite Drink: L.A. Water and a well aged Scotch
Favorite Power Ranger: Green Ranger!! Tommy Oliver (My man Jason David Frank!!)
Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon: Three way tie. M.A.S.K, Transformers, and G.I. Joe
Favorite Movie Quote: “ Why Johnny look like someone just walked over your grave.” -Tombstone
Favorite Con Moment: A split between my accidental meeting of the man himself, Stan Lee and my interview with Jason David Frank of Power Ranger legend. JDF and I chat over lunch ( just two guys talking) and I asked him if all the Con stuff was overwhelming and his response was my favorite. He said; “I love the Con but I hate being stuck in the hotels like this. I would rather be down there meeting fans and signing autographs.”
Nicholas’ WTF Movie Moment: Kissing Jessica Stein…all that build up and fuck homophobia stuff just to have Jessica wind up with a man after all. Bullshit!!

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