Hulk Hogan Fired from WWE over racist comments.

(Nicholas Dye, Staff Writer)

*Disclaimer* While we at Nowhere California do NOT condone the use of ANY racist or hate based language, the use of some language will be uncensored for the purpose of quoting accurately.

Earlier today, rumors started circulating through various news groups alleging that WWE Legend and Hall of Fame inductee, Hulk Hogan, had used the word “nigger” repeatedly in a recorded rant. The rant originates from a sex tape recording of Hogan with Heather Clem, the wife of Hogan’s former friend and radio show host, Bubba “The Love Sponge”. Although the transcripts from the recording were supposed to be sealed, said that “5 independent groups” all had the information from said transcripts. The rant was directed at Hogan’s daughter, Brooke regarding concerning her alleged sexual relations with a black man.

”She is making some real bad decisions now. My daughter Brooke jumped sides on me. I spent $2-3 million on her music career, I’ve done everything like a jackass for her. The one option Brooke had, Brooke’s career besides me, is [to] sell beach records.” (The following is in regards to Brooke’s career possibly being funded by a “black billionaire guy”) “I don’t know if Brooke was fucking the black guy’s son. I mean, I don’t have double standards. I mean, I am a racist, to a point, fucking niggers. But then when it comes to nice people and shit, and whatever.” “I mean, I’d rather if she was going to fuck some nigger, I’d rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall nigger worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player! I guess we’re all a little racist. Fucking nigger.”

Following this news, WWE quickly pulled Hogan from all programming and issued this statement: WWE terminated its contract with Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan). WWE is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide.

MANY WWE superstars, past and present, were quick to come to Hogan’s defense and a few we very vocal in expressing their sadness and disappointment in the situation. Hogan himself issued a public apology through TMZ, and stated:

“Eight years ago I used offensive language during a conversation. It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it; and I apologize for having done it.”

“I am disappointed with myself that I used language that is offensive and inconsistent with my own beliefs. It is not who I am. I continue to work every day to improve as a person, and this matter is an important learning experience for me in that regard.”

In the immediate fallout, WWE is pulling all Hulk Hogan merchandise and distancing themselves from anything associated with Hogan which includes pulling him from the “WWE 2K16” video game. Quickly following suit, TNA also pulled Hogan from their “alumni” page and is also pulling any Hogan merchandise.

The question now is how can Hogan repair his image? He does have a tremendous fan and colleague support system and the comments that have been brought to light were from 8 years ago. The time factor may lend some credibility to Hogan’s appeal as well. The other factor involved here is that both Booker T and Vince McMahon have used the term “nigga” on television. While Booker T’s is clearly an accidental slip, McMahon’s seems to be part of the script. Granted, Hogan’s use from the transcripts is exponentially worse, it does seem to diminish WWE’s decision if even slightly. (*Please note, I am in no way saying that ANY of the parties involved were okay in using this hateful word. I am simply drawing the comparison of the use of the word in a scripted segment as opposed to the use in a private setting.) You be the judge, here are both videos containing use of the word “nigga.” will keep you posted as this story further unfolds.

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