Hamill To Laugh Again?

(Joshua Gilmore Staff Writer)

The clown prince of crime has found his voice and it is a familiar voice. As reported by collider.com, Mark Hamill will be stepping behind the microphone once again and provide the voice of The Joker in the upcoming DC animated adaptation for “The Killing Joke”

Alan Moore and Brian Bolland released “The Killing Joke” graphic novel in 1988 and this creation quickly became a highly revered publication. At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Warner Brother’s announced that this beloved book will be the next release in the highly popular DC animated movie collection.

As the excitement grew and one question needed to be answered, who would voice DC favorite sociopath? A source to collider.com revealed that Hamill has already recorded the dialogue for the upcoming movie.

For The Complete Collider.com Article..
Mark Hamill To Voice “The Killing Joke”

The animated adaptation for “The Killing Joke” is set to be released in 2016. Please continue to check in with nowherecalifornia.com as more information is released.

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