Grand Theft Parsons Writer Invades Nowhere…


(Joshua Gilmore- Staff Writer)
In the early planning stages of Nowhere California, the idea of conducting interviews was the furthest thought from our minds and at most a pipe dream. As time progressed, we started covering conventions and building connections. One of those connections grew from Josh’s fandom of a particular independent movie and the movie is “Grand Theft Parsons”

“Grand Theft Parsons” was released in 2004 and was based on the life of Gram Parsons or Gram’s afterlife to be exact. During Gram’s rise in the world of music, he made a pact with his roadie/best friend Phil Kaufman (played in the movie by Johnny Knoxville) that had to be fulfilled after one of their deaths. The pact was that the surviving friend would take the body of the deceased out to the desert and set their soul free. After Gram’s passing in 1973, Phil had to follow through with the promise and it wasn’t as easy as you think.

One of the major aspects on Nowhere California was the ability for Josh and Phil to talk about the things that are important to them, independent movies were at the top of the list and “Grand Theft Parsons” was an important part of that category.

An opportunity presented itself and Josh jumped at it. The opportunity was to talk with the writer of “Grand Theft Parsons”, Jeremy Drysdale and here is that conversation..
Nowhere California Presents Our Conversation With Jeremy Drysdale..

Also, if you are an avid Nowhere California listener, Phil and Josh recorded a special edition of “Why Not” to discuss this movie…
Why Not #11-Why Not Grand Theft Parsons?

As we are always prone to thank people a lot. We would like to send a huge thank you to Jeremy for this amazing conversation. It’s rare to meet someone that you respect and enjoy their work, it a whole different story when you get to talk to them. Thank you!

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