A Look From Nowhere At “CLINGER”…

(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

Fern Petersen (Jennifer Laporte) is a normal high school student, she has a group of close friends and a more then attentive boyfriend, Robert. Robert Klingher (Vincent Martella from The Walking Dead and Disney’s Phineas and Ferb) will do anything to express his love for Fern and one of his most elaborate expressions ends with his death. This could easily be the end of the story, but this is not your typical story.

Most relationships end lot smoother then the breakup of Fern Petersen and Robert Klingher, but for Fern, Robert is a high risk clinger and death won’t even stop his love for her.

This is the world of the upcoming comedy/horror movie “CLINGER”, this movie is directed by Michael Steves and will be released to the world on October 23. Now, in a NOWHERECALIFORNIA.com exclusive, here is the trailer for “CLINGER”

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