Second City Helping Comedy’s Future And Honoring A Legend..


(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

The comedic legacy of Harold Ramis continues to live on and Chicago’s Second City will make sure of that, as they have announced the formation of The Harold Ramis Film School. Since Harold has created some of the greatest moments in comedic cinema, there is no one more fitting of this honor and some of the greatest comedic minds of today will have their hand in this school’s inner workings.

One of the important aspects of this establishment will be the new school’s advisory board. This board will consist of Steve Carell, Eugene Levy, Keegan-Michael Key, and Martin Short , as a few of its members.

“Harold is the perfect person to have a school named after him,” Martin Short said in a recent interview. “He taught us all how to act and how to live. He was the ultimate teacher.”

The Harold Ramis Film School will be a certificate program, instead of the traditional degree program and the students will develop a portfolio that will allow them to begin their first steps into the filmmaking world of comedy.

“Harold Ramis was the quintessential Second City writer/performer – intelligent, funny and devoted to the spirit of ensemble,” says Andrew Alexander, CEO and executive producer of The Second City. “His early mentoring of the Second City TV cast set the template for how that show would operate for eight seasons. His unselfish and generous spirit dominated the many wonderful films that he directed and wrote. I am thrilled by this opportunity to instill Harold’s philosophy of successful storytelling in film in the next generation of artists.”

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