Show Us Your Junk!!

(Nicholas Dye)

Hey Nowhere friends!!! Here’s our September 32nd edition of our wildly popular segment…Show Us Your Junk. Okay okay…I may have dropped the ball on our September post so you get to see our junk twice this month!!! So here’s my emotional, albeit brief, edition of Show Us Your Junk.

SHOW US YOUR JUNK! August Edition.


(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

Since the post office can’t deliver any cease and desist orders, Nowhere California is back with another edition of SHOW US YOUR JUNK! I’m stepping back in front of the camera to show you what I got and continuing the feud with Nick that only seems to appear in this forum.

The Nano Gauntlet is currently available on multiple sites, but I would highly recommend picking up this item directly through HASBRO Pulse. You can CLICK HERE and head over to that site.

As I mentioned in the video, WE WANT TO SEE YOUR JUNK! Feel free to send us a message through our normal social media channels, like or send us an e-mail at

Show Us Your Junk! Vol.2


(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

Welcome to the next installment of Nowhere California’s unique take on a pop culture show and tell known as “Show Us Your Junk” Last month, Nicholas Dye exposed his sloth to the internet and we didn’t get shut down, so it’s time for the next volume. Now, it’s my turn to show the world what I got…

As you can tell from this item and the person it honors, I knew that this piece was going to be my first submission into this new series. Like everyone at Nowhere California, I am very excited to see where “Show Us Your Junk” will take us and I’m a little fearful of the possible nudity, as a reminder all nudes should go to Nick.

Anyways, all kidding aside, please show us your pop culture collections and items that you deem worthy. Send your submissions to or or just message us right here. No matter what, we want you to Show Us Your Junk!

Show Us Your Junk!


(Nicholas Dye/Staff Writer)

We are proud to launch our newest feature here on Nowhere California…Show Us Your Junk!! That’s right! We want to see your junk! When we say junk, we mean ANYTHING you would like to share…that is pop culture related (Sweet baby Jesus, what have I done). We are looking for action figures, DVDs, books, ticket stubs, autographed butt plugs, etc…to showcase here. You can submit to us at: or on our Facebook page,

Be creative! At least be descriptive. Don’t send us a picture of you in your underwear holding a plush Gizmo doll with a hole in it without giving us some backstory. Trust me, we WILL make up an amazing story to go with it if you do! You know you wanna show it and we certainly want to see it so, SHOW US YOUR JUNK!!! In the interest of self deprecation and to serve as a template…here’s our junk. Enjoy!