Another Shpadoinkle Conversation From The 2015 Stan Lee Comikaze..


(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

It’s time to return to the mix of Nowhere California’s coverage of the 2015 Stan Lee’s Comikaze and jump back into the conversations that developed from this amazing event, but I should rephrase amazing event and change that into Shpadoinkle event, as the guys from Nowhere talk with Dian Bachar.

Dian has built a great career, during his time in front of and behind the camera. This conversation delves in many aspects of Dian’s acting life, such as his creative work and friendship with the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Also, Dian discusses his current slate of work and the journey to bring these projects to life, from My Neighborhood to The Murders of Brandywine Theater, Dian has a lot in store for his fans.

Here is a quick trailer for The Murders of Brandywine Theater. This movie can be found on iTunes and other streaming formats.

So, with all of that said, you can now listen to our conversation with Dian Bachar by CLICKING HERE

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