DEADPOOL: A Yuletide Easter Egg?


(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

Are you the black sheep of the family? If you are, this time of year might bring upon the annoying family newsletter. These newsletters are your family’s way to catch you up on their important events of the year or, in most cases, show off how their lives are better than yours.

In today’s installment of the massive 12 Days of Deadpool, everyone’s favorite holiday avenger takes his shot at the tortured holiday tradition…


If you signed your life away at, you received the full sized holiday newsletter in its total glory. Also, you received a special spring time treat in the form of a possible Easter egg. I will not give things away at this time, but you might want to slowly turn to Niagra Falls to find this one.

If you are staring at your screen confused, I will reveal what I found in 2 Hours. Since, I want to give everyone time to find this.

This has been an exciting Day 7 for the 12 Days of Deadpool. As always, stay locked in to your computer for tomorrow’s installment that will be delivered by


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