An Interview That’s Sweet As


(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

The hangover from the Long Beach Comic Expo is starting to fade, but it’s time for our coverage to get into high gear.

In our first installment of our coverage, we had the pleasure of talking to Tony Todd. This man has been connected to some of the modern classics of horror and independent film. Also, Todd has made an impact on the small screen and can be seen of CW’s FLASH as Zoom.

It was an honor to have a conversation with this man and we would like to thank Tony for taking the time to talk with some guys from Nowhere.

CLICK HERE to listen to Nowhere California Presents Our Conversation With Tony Todd

During our conversation, Tony mentioned his current work in the movie “Frankenstein” and you can watch the trailer below. It looks to be a modern take on a horror classic and, from the looks of the trailer, this version will honor the legacy of the original.

LIVE-EVIL Is Coming To The 2015 Stan Lee Comikaze..

(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

As announced on Episode 84 of Nowhere California, the guys from Nowhere will be attending the 2015 Stan Lee Comikaze and the news keeps rolling, as we are happy to announce that the upcoming film “LIVE-EVIL” will have an exclusive premiere screening at this historic event.

LIVE-EVIL has been generating a lot of buzz throughout the horror community and has been described as Ghostbusters meets Dawn of the Dead.

If the trailer makes you want more and you’re planning on attending Stan Lee’s Comikaze, then come to screening on October 31st starting at 5pm.

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