DEADPOOL: His Spiked Eggnog Is The Least Of Your Worries..



(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

The sun has sunk from the sky and the fireplace is warming the house, so it time for everyone’s favorite smart ass superhero to give us something awesome.

It is the 4th day of the magnificent 12 days of Deadpool and EMPIRE Magazine/Online are getting into the mix for today’s fun. In this installment, we get to see the wish list Deadpool has created for another guy in red…


There are some amazing items on this list and a few we wouldn’t mind getting our hands on.

Tomorrow will bring us our 5th day and I don’t think we’ll see any golden rings, but it will be a moment to remember. Keep your eyes open, as we get another package from the Merc with the Mouth and his special helpers from FANDANGO.


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