Joe Has Some Late Fees And Needs Your Help

(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

Joe is a nice guy and tries to do nothing wrong, but a recent discovery will send him on a most excellent adventure. Joe will journey to return a VHS copy of “Above The Law” and late fees be darned, he will accomplish his goal.

You have entered the world of “Joe Returns A Video”, a short film written and starring Joe Grisaffi. You might remember Joe was the director of the movie “Conjoined”, a movie I described in the past as “A cross between an episode of Tales From The Crypt and Three’s Company with a few low doses of acid.” That review is in the most positive light a review can be with the use of acid as an example and “Joe Returns A Video” continues that stream of thought.

I was lucky enough to view a rough cut of this short and would love to give a proper review, but that would spoil the fun of this absurdly hilarious film. Honestly, “Joe Returns A Video” is like an ADULT SWIM cartoon come to life and you still have the opportunity to help finish this film.

The team behind this film is in the final days of an IndieGoGo campaign for the post production process. They have locked in some great perks for your donations and you can have your name attached to a great piece of independent comedy.




A Look From Nowhere At Fire City:End Of Days

(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

The end is near and the demons of the world are coming out of the shadows. Fire City: End Of Days follows a demonic force of nature, known as Vine, as he journeys to make the ultimate choice and this choice will bring life altering conflicts. Vine must choose between the survival of his fellow creatures or protect the life of a human.

This film was inspired by the short film Fire City: King Of Miseries, Brian Lubocki and Michael Hayes tackled the task of writing the script. The director of the original short film, Tom Woodruff Jr, will make his feature film directorial debut with Fire City:End of Days.

Woodruff, known for his Academy Award winning creature effects, will lead a talented cast into this production. Tobias Jelinek (Hocus Pocus), Danielle Chuchran (SAGA : Curse of the Shadow), Glee’s Harry Shum Jr, and Kristin Minter (TVs E.R) are set to star.

After a journey through kickstarter and the festival circuits, this dark adventure will be unleash on DVD/On Demand October 6th. Stay locked into this site for reviews and interviews in the upcoming weeks.