The Talented Life Of Anton Yelchin Remembered In New Film..


(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

Anton Yelchin was born in 1989 and tragically taken from this world in 2016, but this talented individual’s impact is still being felt to this date. You can quickly look through Anton’s Imdb listings and realize he was wise beyond his year, as his talents are forever linked to some of the biggest names in Hollywood.
Anton was a talent in every aspect of his life and his hobbies beyond acting were known by a random few, until now and that is in thanks to the new documentary “Love,Antosha”

“Love, Antosha” is the new documentary from director Garret Price and this is a rare portrait of a young talent that easily transcended the typical ideals of young Hollywood, by constantly raising his game in front of and behind the camera. This story is presented through movie clips and home movies, these images are punctuated by the people that worked and knew Anton recounting their friendships with a young talent gone way too soon.
This film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to glowing reviews and has been labeled as “heartbreaking” and a reminder of how one person can impact so many lives in an unfortunate short time.

“Love,Antosha” will be entering theaters on August 2.


Two Paths Cross At Last..


(Joshua Gilmore- Staff Writer)

This installment of Nowhere California’s coverage of the 2016 Stan Lee Los Angeles Comic Convention has a short back story and that will lead us into the conversation with the multi-talented, Joe Ochman.

In the early days of Nowhere, the team would never have imagined that we would conduct interviews with people from the entertainment world and gain actual connections with this talented world, but that changed with the chance meeting with Satu and Steve J. Palmer from “Queen Gorya”. After that meeting, Steve J. Palmer started to line up interviews for the guys from Nowhere and one of those interviews was going to be with Joe Ochman.

Ochman is a multi-talented performer that has delved into many aspects of the entertainment world, he has taken his talented from the stage to the screen and behind the scenes. The chance to talk with Joe was an opportunity that the Nowhere California team couldn’t wait to talk with him, but a few speed bumps appeared in the way (so goes the life of the independent podcaster) It took a little time, but good things come to those who wait and we jumped to the chance to talk with Joe at the 2016 Stan Lee Comic Con.


CLICK HERE For Nowhere California Presents Our Conversation With Joe Ochman

It might have taken some time to get this conversation with Joe, but it was a pleasure to talk with this man. You should take the time to check out his credits and I wouldn’t be surprised if you see some very familiar titles.

CLICK HERE For Joe Ochman’s Official Website

The entire Nowhere California team would like to thank Joe for taking the time to talk with us at the convention. We hope it won’t be too long before we get the opportunity to delve deeper into your career and talk again.


The Lady Behind The Slime..


(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

As we continue to build this site and look back the history of Nowhere California, it still surprises us the things we have pulled off and the people we have met. The time we talked with the talented Robin Shelby is a great example of both of those things.

Robin Shelby, for those new to our world, was the actress that performed as Slimer in the 1989 classic “Ghostbusters II” and this performance brought our first interaction, through the ECTO POD Podcast..

The Ecto Pod Talks With Robin Shelby..

After this conversation, we wanted another chance to talk with Robin about her fascinating career and what lead her to this world. So, with the idea, the guys from nowhere ventured outside of the Nowhere city limits and met this amazing individual in person.

Here is our conversation…
Nowhere California Presents Our Conversation With Robin Shelby..

As most of Robin’s fan know, she is an absolute delight and loves all of her fans. We consider ourselves very lucky to have witnessed this first hand and sincerely thank her for this great opportunity.

For More Robin Shelby Check Out Her Site..

And Here Is A Quick Look At Robin’s Talents..
Slimer Rehearsal Footage..

Robin’s Acting Reel..