A New Way To Unlock Your Powers..


(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

It’s time for our final conversation from Nowhere California’s adventures at the 2017 Long Beach Comic Expo and this final conversation will help you explore your untapped powers, but not in the self-help/Tony Robbins way and more in the way of MARVEL/DC. In this installment, the guys from Nowhere talk with Kyle Marlett.

Kyle is the creative mind behind the website MutantPowers.net, this is a site that will help the most normal comic book fan unlock some truly unique gifts and these “gifts” come in the form of specially created magic tricks/special effect.

Kyle’s life and love for nerd culture has been an interesting journey, so you know that this was a conversation that needed to take place and it was a pleasure of the Nowhere California team to talk with this creative mind. If you want to see what Kyle might have in store for you, go to MUTANTPOWERS.NET and find out.


CLICK HERE For Nowhere California Presents Our Conversation With Kyle Marlett

Chris Rock To Bring The Pain To Oscar Night..

(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

Over the past few years, the most thankless job in Hollywood has been hosting the Academy Awards. There have been many that have tried and left before they could be asked if they would like to return, from Neil Patrick Harris to the much underrated Seth MacFarlane, this is a dream job that brings on a nightmare of a hangover. So the question has been asked and the host of the 88th Academy Awards has been revealed, Chris Rock will be taking the stage.

This will be a return visit for Rock, as he hosted this event back in 2005, and will definitely give the proper shock to the normal Academy Awards viewer and critics system. As Rock has grown into the creatively mind behind the camera and continues to be the top level performer in front of the camera, Rock still has the heart of a stand-up comic and that has been missing from the OSCAR stage.

The 88th Academy Award Nomination will be announced on January 14th 2016
The 88th Academy Awards will air February 28th 2016

The Lady Behind The Slime..


(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

As we continue to build this site and look back the history of Nowhere California, it still surprises us the things we have pulled off and the people we have met. The time we talked with the talented Robin Shelby is a great example of both of those things.

Robin Shelby, for those new to our world, was the actress that performed as Slimer in the 1989 classic “Ghostbusters II” and this performance brought our first interaction, through the ECTO POD Podcast..

The Ecto Pod Talks With Robin Shelby..

After this conversation, we wanted another chance to talk with Robin about her fascinating career and what lead her to this world. So, with the idea, the guys from nowhere ventured outside of the Nowhere city limits and met this amazing individual in person.

Here is our conversation…
Nowhere California Presents Our Conversation With Robin Shelby..

As most of Robin’s fan know, she is an absolute delight and loves all of her fans. We consider ourselves very lucky to have witnessed this first hand and sincerely thank her for this great opportunity.

For More Robin Shelby Check Out Her Site..

And Here Is A Quick Look At Robin’s Talents..
Slimer Rehearsal Footage..

Robin’s Acting Reel..