Reaches Its First Year..


(Joshua Gilmore- Staff Writer)

It started one year ago today, this site was launched and took the concept of Nowhere California to a whole new level.

Nowhere California started in 2011 and it was just another conversation between two friends, but these conversation started taking place in front of a microphone and unleashed on the internet. It was as simple as that, but as Nowhere California evolved, the team grew and new accomplishments were reach.

The episodes started to grow and the team ventured out of the Nowhere city limits, as they dove into the world of conventions and conducting interviews. It was with each accomplishment, the Nowhere California family stuck to their ideals of what they wanted to produce and not to become just another podcast.

It was that mindset that grew into this website and, as we mark our first year on the net, we want to simply say THANK YOU.

Thank you for following the journey of Nowhere California.

Thank you for listening to the original podcast and all of the other podcast that have sprung from this little idea.

Thank you for checking out this site

And thank you for continuing this adventure with us.

A Look From Nowhere At “I Smile Back”

(Joshua Gilmore-Staff Writer)

Type casting is sort of a duel edged situation, for performers it can guarantee work and a long life in Hollywood. Also, type casting can become very stale and most performers can get lost in the everyday shuffle.

In the world of comedy, the traps of type casting can be easy to fall into and for most performers the greatest risk is to not fall into one of these holes. The list of comedic performers that have broken out and taken a dramatic risk have grown over the past few years, with a lot of big screen success and Sarah Silverman will soon add her name to that list.

Sarah Silverman stars in the upcoming drama “I Smile Back” and plays Laney Brooks. Laney is a mother and wife that travels a road of destruction, in which her vices are leading to an end of her “loving” family. As the end looms before her, Laney must take a final chance at redemption.

“I Smile Back”, which is based on the novel by Amy Koppelman and is directed by Adam Salky, is rounded out by an amazing cast. The cast includes Josh Charles (Masters of Sex and Adult Beginners) Thomas Sadoski (The Newsroom and John Wick) and Mia Barron (Newsreaders and The Venture Bros.)

As you can tell by this trailer, this movie is coming out of left field for Silverman and this should not be a surprise. In her career, Sarah has attempt very different roles and genres to the enjoyment of most viewers. Also, she has seem to make it a point to not be trapped in a type casting situation and challenge herself as a performer. In this role of Laney, I will bet good money that she will be making the awards circuit in the upcoming year.

“I Smile Back” will be released on October 23rd.